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I warn you of this: I am a being of unusual ideals and unorthodox experiences. The opinions I may/will present are my own (likely mine alone, to boot), and as such I won't always have the kinds of statements people want to hear. That's the curse of individuality within human society.

I saw the presentation of Smash Bros. on Sunday, and yes, I became aware of the leaked info not long before. But it felt like, during that time, that was the portion of their presentation I was going to be most interested in. Smash Bros. is an amusing distraction for me, and the amount of effort the developers have put into additional content is both exciting and comforting. How long it will go on, I am uncertain; the future has only promised two N64 stages, YouTube features and the Tourney features -- which I notice hasn't mentioned offline tournaments as far as I can tell.

With that said, I wasn't expecting to be blown away by anything new or amazing at the Digital Event they had today. And really, there wasn't much in there that caught my eye beyond the first few moments.

StarFox Zero seems to be taking elements from the 64 game and the unreleased SNES sequel and placing them in a two-view experience. I've yet to see how the stages actually play out, but it's interesting to see the more diverse ways the action can unfold.

Hearing of Bowser's appearance in Skylanders Supercharged marked the first time I had any interest in the series as a whole. And really, that's all I have to say about that.

I'm a little curious about the three-player co-op Legend of Zelda game; while it didn't grab me as much as A Link Between Worlds did, it was still enough to make me wonder what it had to offer.

I'm being told there's been a lot of fuss regarding the Metroid Prime spinoff game. It makes me happy to have never given much of a care about the series as a whole, otherwise I'd feel about as let down as most of the StarFox fanbase before now. With that said, seeing the "Blast Ball" event in the world championships made me aware of how similar it was to Prime's interface. I've yet to find out whether Retro is involved in this game, but odds are no one really cares about that.

On that note, I'm not really a big follower of RPG games, so I was unfazed at the presence of both Fire Emblems and the new Xenoblade. I was a little surprised at the weird RPG Mario crossover, but not intrigued enough to follow up on it. (And yeah, Yokai Watch hasn't struck my attention too much either.)

What I am a partial fan of is Animal Crossing, and they showed a little more of the Happy Home Designer, which still doesn't tell me a whole lot, but I'm still a bit curious what it's about. I've read that the related cards are being sold as blind package sets, so that's a bit of a letdown if you're looking for specific villagers. Seeing "SP" next to Isabelle on her card isn't sounding good either. But the game itself seems to have at least a little more substance to it, as I'm noticing feature-dropping systems that I wish were in New Leaf, including the way you can lay out the position and decoration of a house, which is much less intuitive in New Leaf.

And then there was the Wii U game, which struck me a little confused. A board game that utilizes Animal Crossing amiibo -- I don't think that's the most promising idea, especially considering how difficult it is to acquire most new amiibo these days. In addition, it isn't saying what one can expect from an experience like this, so it's hard to get excited about it. I'd still get one or two of the amiibo though.

Most everything else I already heard about somewhere, and wasn't really reacting strongly to. Yoshi's Woolly World looks cute in its style, but I'm having a tough time getting fully excited for it. But that doesn't compare to the other main attraction for the event: Super Mario Maker. I was never incredibly amazed at the concept, and even while they've added a lot of things to mess around with, I haven't exactly been "sold" on the experience. The thought of a level creator was always set in my mind as a special feature and not necessarily the "main event." But it also doesn't help that LittleBigPlanet 2 was released years before, which has presented quite a lot of creative tools and possibilities for people to work with. Perhaps it may not be straightforward in all its areas, but it did seem to allow more diversity overall in terms of gameplay experiences. Add to that an actual campaign to play through and you have a game that justifies its asking price. I've yet to feel that with Super Mario Maker, and I suspect it may have played all of its cards.

So yeah. RPG fans are probably happy with how things have turned out overall, and probably Mario and/or StarFox fans too. But personally, nothing really jumped out at me saying "GET ME ABSOLUTELY."

Except the Smash Bros. DLC. You can't turn your nose up at those new characters.

-- Malamite Ltd.

P.S.: Did anyone else notice the complete absence of Pokemon and indie game mentions this time around?


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