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Right. I need to step away from Smash Bros. for the moment. There's so much craziness with the leaks and everything and we still have about three weeks before it's available for retail in Japan, it's been an intense wave of varied emotions. So let's set all that aside.

I could mention the revelation of Pokken Tournament, a collaboration between Pokemon and Tekken that's been revealed to arrive in arcades next year, but there's so little information we have about it outside of "Lucario and Machamp and I think Blaziken maybe." Even if it's true that folks can "vote" for Pokemon to appear in the game, I don't think anyone would hear me...not that the Japanese would know what I was talking about, let alone why I'd want certain choices to happen.

Anyway, let's jump into something else.

Some of you may have seen a few polls recently about the character Zoisite, a Teijru martial artist who's been looking for the whereabouts of the "last soldier" Graphite. These polls were made to help me out in deciding the color scheme I should use for her custom-made outfit. There were a few options - seven in total - and I opted to use names that didn't immediately suggest the respective hues. The first had no example images, and the second showed sprite-like samples. The third took the four most popular answers and set them in their own poll.

It was the green hues of "Wisdom" that got the most votes. I found it interesting that the Graphite-inspired tones of "Soldier" took second in the poll among all seven choices, whereas between the four most popular hues the firey orange "Power" was what reached second.

I will note this immediately, however -- the second and third polls were made to choose her costume color. In the first poll, I only presented the words, and just from people's perception of Zoisite in terms of appearance or assumed personality, that would in fact decide the color of her life energy. In this poll, the choice with the most votes was Power.

So Zoisite wears green, and can summon red-orange energy.

Zoisite by MalamiteLtd

For the past week or two I've been trying to put together information regarding the Teijru race. Many of you may not know that Teijru were thought up years ago; back when "The Utopian Legend" was being called "The Tengu Company," and before the story recieved its second major overhaul, Teijru were creatures from an alternate dimension -- the main characters befriended one named "Shaolin Czathabi." At the time, Teijru were a little different; they had insect-like wings and had the capability of shapeshifting. When the overhaul came about, the purpose of Shaolin wasn't strong enough to keep in the story, and the entire concept of Teijru had been shelved.

And then suddenly Teijru re-emerged.

As a small side story of The Utopian Legend, a character named Graphite had been created. His appearance marked some notable changes in the Teijru physiology. The wings were taken away, as was the shapeshifting ability. Instead, Teijru seemed to become almost parallels of Tokaru -- seemingly androgynous creatures with unusual mental abilities, able to summon power within them and utilize it as they saw fit. But there were still key differences.

For one, Teijru are not invincible. They can be wounded and even killed, unlike the seemingly indestructible Tokarus. They even bleed if they get cut -- it's blue blood, but it's still blood. Tokarus can contort their bodies if their minds allow it, even stretching or squashing dimensions without a problem. Teijru definitely cannot do this; they are proper organic creatures, not Creations from advanced magic. That said, Teijru can at least heal quickly, much like Utopia's Werewolves. And while they aren't blessed with immortality, Teijru are actually stronger and more powerful than Tokaru, possessing heightened senses and more versatile mental abilities. So that's a decent enough trade-off.

Another thing to note is how their energy works. Tokarus show that they're focusing their power through a glowing spot on their foreheads -- their "third eye," as it's often referred. Teijru are similar, but the glowing spots are at the ends of their antennae. In addition, Tokarus can expel this energy through their hands, feet, and forehead. Teijru manipulate their energy through the hands and feet as well, but not through their foreheads, or even through their antennae. They can, however, expel energy through their long tails. And unlike the Tokarus, whose powers are hued in blue, the "life energy" of Teijru can be a variety of possible colors, differing between individuals.

Finally, Tokarus and Teijru utilize different tricks. A Tokaru has been noted to bond with another being and combine their abilities as a single person with united bodies and minds. Teijru don't have this ability, but they all have the advantage of a strong, prehensile tail that's as effective in physical combat as their arms and legs...maybe even more so.

Oh, and the Teijru definitely outnumber the Tokarus. By roughly a half-million, in fact.

So I suppose this would just leave the most burning question of "Why did I end up resurrecting Teijru?"


I've seen some interesting alien species coming from the likes of Chaz-GELF and not-fun, such as Nikitaks, Chuians and Itanta. I think part of me was inspired by these races; I've drawn up my own GELF and a Nikitak as a result. And then I guess I remembered that I had a species of my own that seemed to kinda mesh with those ideas. Mixed with the thought of "What if Sketch was more of an anti-hero, acting off his personal wishes rather than complying to those of others?", Graphite was born, and that brought the Teijru concept back to life.

You said you wanted to fight me. by MalamiteLtd
And then later, I thought about what other Teijru would be like -- what their own world would be like -- and I based ideas off those from the aforementioned artists. This was how Zoisite came to be, and this essentially started the series that would aim to detail Teijru further as a society as well as a species. In a way I feel like they're unofficially in the same universe as that of Nikitaks or Itanta, but I'm not going to force that as fact.

In any case, the topic did end up resulting in a separate section in my gallery, made especially for Teijru. Again, I've yet to assemble all the thoughts to detail/introduce Teijru properly...we'll see what happens from here onward.

-- Malamite Ltd.


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