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Moving the Smash Bros. post aside. They have revealed more characters since then, and you can look up what they're about at the official website.

So right now I'm trying to work with some new tech to do drawings a little more frequently, but it's been getting harder to sketch something I'm really happy with. Some things I've made recently were ... well, passable, I guess, but I think only one or two I actually liked. They're the pieces of art regarding myHP, coincidentally.

For me? by MalamiteLtd X Harvard is Ready by MalamiteLtd

The first featuring Big Ben was somewhat accidental, as I don't think I was necessarily trying to draw him at first -- it somehow became him, and with a fairly decent new look. I can't seem to fully escape the "Charizard" look, but in Big Ben's case I'm giving it a pass. It's Kazuya that I'm having more difficulty with, but that's something else...

The second was of X Harvard, one of the minor characters of myHP, whom I've only made one other drawing of. I've claimed that the artwork was meant to be a slight updating, but it's really *so* slight that I doubt people could see the differences without really studying things for a few's definitely not as obvious as Big Ben's updated look.

With that said, I'm trying to see if I can follow up on this budding "streak" with another myHP minor character, which was given a design while myHP was still a side-story offshoot from DT-Fox's original "Lv. UP!" project. During that time I seemed to construe all the characters as being shorter, so my own characters followed that assumption. This included a minor character idea that I pitched, known as Avalon Balryx.

Lv. UP -- Avalon by MalamiteLtd Lv. UP -- Avalon 2 by MalamiteLtd
Avalon is a tough, bitter individual; despite being an orphan, both deaf and mute, and having only one arm all her life, she doesn't like to be viewed as weak or "handicapped." As such, she fights to overcome these assumed "weaknesses" -- she is one of the strongest students in the school (definitely the strongest of the girls), and she developed a fascination with technology and machinery. This led to a number of inventions that she herself uses, including a speech-to-text transcriber lens, a neural cipher, and the Flex Cannon -- a powerful mechanical arm which can telescope and utilizes powerful lasers. These technologies were integrated into a special outfit called the "Copper Crow," which also included sturdy "wings" used as potent shielding. With the Copper Crow, she acts as a neighborhood bounty hunter, aiming to use her funds for further development of her engineering ability.

I don't think I represented that very well in her original artwork. But currently I'm having trouble making an updated look. Maybe I'm doing it wrong by trying to go the Copper Crow angle first...?

In any case, that's what I'm currently up to.

I'm also looking into what I might do if I were to open up commissions, but I won't go into that until things are set in something close to stone.

-- Malamite Ltd.


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Theylie Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, you wanna join my group ?
I already noticed, you like Pokémon^^
MalamiteLtd Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I appreciate the offer, but I haven't been very good at keeping up with groups (deviantART or any given forum, really), so I must respectfully decline.
Theylie Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay, I eccept that Nod

Pikachu waves 
JosephCollins Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
So, random thing here...  I heard you own Pilotwings Resort.  Tell me...  Is it as fun as it looks??  'cause it looks fun!  Does it compare to Pilotwings 64 or the original Pilotwings?  And if so, how so?

I'm all excited about the Pilotwings stage in Super Smash Bros. 4...  The brief appearance in the Pokémon reveal video got me on a hyper nostalgic trip.  Hee~
MalamiteLtd Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Not having played Pilotwings 64, I'm afraid I can't make direct comparisons with that game. That said, the game also takes a page or two from Wii Sports Resort in some of the features.

So Pilotwings Resort...

The game is fairly enjoyable. It is a one-player only game, and features three main flight methods (plane, rocket belt, hang glider). There are numerous missions in major categories; each mission has a target score to reach in order to progress, and are graded with up to three stars depending on what you score (red-outline stars is you do it perfectly). It all has an air of casual play, and yet at the same time it can get pretty at least in that sense it's kinda like the original Pilotwings. The difference is that you can freely retry missions you've played before, and there isn't a cumulative score in all three areas you're aiming for. A number of missions feel "standard" for a Pilotwings game, but there are some interesting missions dotted in-between. I can still clearly recall the Rocket Belt mission with the little UFO's...

The action is all within Wuhu Island, but it's a big enough place that it doesn't feel too limited. But on that note, they have a "free flight" mode that offers challenges of its own. Using one of the three vehicles you can explore the island within a time limit and locate major interest points, pop as many balloons as you can, and other things (some things are specifically for one of the three machines). This particular feature is something borrowed from Wii Sports Resort, though fleshed out a little more since there are more things you can fly around with.

There are some unlockables you'll get as you go further into the game, from 3D dioramas to souped-up versions of the three vehicles for the Free Flight mode (you come across them in the Mission Mode eventually).

It is one of the few 3DS games I personally feel works better with the 3D on (there are only about 2 or 3 other games worthy of that distinction to me). There's a lot of stuff to fly through, so the sense of depth is very handy here. Considering it was meant to be a primary showpiece for the 3D effects, it should certainly be able to do it well, and it does.

Overall it is a nice little experience that'll keep you busy for a while. I'm uncertain whether it's a game that would be worth $40 to you, though I can imagine you'll be able to find it at cheaper prices out there, especially since it was a 3DS launch game.
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