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What revelations for Smash Bros. we saw in today's Nintendo Direct! We not only saw footage of Mewtwo in action, but were greeted with the return of Lucas later on, with the promise of future content to come. (Also Mii Fighter costumes.)

With these fighters also comes a feature on the game's site: a ballot for people to suggest a character they want to see join the game. They want to limit the vote to one per person, and while I'm unsure how well some folks will adhere to this rule, I am trying to decide who I would vote for.

I know in the past that I have made my own thoughts as to who could work in the game, just based on the possibilities I could think of. But these options don't all seem valid now that the game is out, and some of the ideas I once assumed were too outrageous or unlikely (Duck Hunt and Pac-Man, for example) ended up becoming realities in ways I didn't even think of. And I can't imagine Raichu would have a very good chance to join the fight now --- there are already six Pokemon in the fray with Mewtwo's inclusion.

After a little thinking, I am caught between two possibilities. The first:


I know I dismissed him as a possibility right alongside Pac-Man, but he did always emerge as one of the front-runners in my own dream list. Bomberman truly has experience in chaotic multiplayer battles - including fights with 8 players and beyond! Plus his adventures have spanned many generations and a few genres, so he's an identity that many may recognize.

The tricky think about him that initially made me doubt his viability is, naturally, his abilities. The core gameplay of his original series has been about laying bombs strategically on the field, which would eventually explode and hopefully take enemies out with them. Items would manipulate both the properties of the bombs and some of the ways you could interact with them; from basic upgrades such as explosion range and bomb quanitity to becoming able to kick or throw them around, they slowly made the action more intense. How that would translate to a setting like Super Smash Bros. isn't immediately obvious to me, but considering he's at least been in a game similar to said franchise there's potential that there's something to build off of.

Probably the biggest thing working against Bomberman is his current state. The home company from which he originated as folded in recent years, and even with the rights held by Konami the franchise's presence has seemingly disappeared. Interestingly, independent developers have since made games mimicking the franchise, what with their own small twists, so the concept hasn't died out in the public mind just yet. But I can't help but wonder if there's some unseen reason why Bomberman's presence has been largely unseen nowadays.

Regardless, I personally view Bomberman as just as much an iconic character as Mega Man. He's gone through all kinds of iterations, garnered a following, and left plenty of memories for those who enjoyed what he had to offer. Bomberman's true medium was in frantic multiplayer mayhem, and even if it were his last public appearance, I couldn't imagine a more fitting scene than that of Super Smash Bros., where his explosive potential could truly shine.

In any case, I must mention the other thought:

Shovel Knight.

The modern era of games has seen a growing number of independent developers, and it's a detail that Nintendo themselves seems to pride as an important backbone for their newer systems. With that said, arguably the biggest success story out there would be the retro-styled adventure game Shovel Knight, with experienced developers taking old-school ideas and fitting them with contemporary designs to make an experience that is especially fresh. And considering it's been a contender for "Game of the Year" alongside full-budget retail releases in some circles, it's certainly a title that has garnered some attention.

What better way to commemorate such a game than to make its titular hero a contender in Super Smash Bros.? Along with his trusty shovel, the numerous Relics he acquires in his game could serve well as special moves. Performing combos with the Dust Knuckles, dashing through the sky with the propeller dagger, attacking on the go atop the Mobile Gear... the Relics on hand offer quite a few possibilities. And between either the War Horn's mighty power or the Phase Locket's handy immunity, either could potentially serve as Final Smash options.

And yet I do wonder if it's the very new presence of Shovel Knight that may work against him. Compared to the other third-party characters which each have a notable legacy behind them, Shovel Knight's presence is so far only limited to a single, relatively new game. A good game, certainly, but whether his presence in the gaming world is so fleeting or to be followed by a wealth of sequels is not set in stone. 

That having been said, the very essence of Shovel Knight -- both the game and the character -- pays homage to traditional gaming roots, and embraces them while taking a different direction that satisfies the newer generation at the same time. It's clear the moment you begin playing why so many people highly praise the game, and if I could think of any title in the independent developer world that had a fitting character for a battlefield like Super Smash Bros., Shovel Knight seems like the best fit, and one that can stand proudly with other gaming characters as a solid hero.

And this is my conundrum. I can only choose one to vote for, and I truly like the thought of both of these as potential playable characters, so I'm at a loss.

Who would you choose?

-- Malamite Ltd.


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