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... What?

... WHAT?!


I could never really figure out what symbolism it truly possesses, and yet it's a symbol that burns into one's mind. I'm not saying that because half the time it seems to be on fire.

So there was a thing about Super Smash Bros. for the new systems yesterday. There were some interesting things I saw, along with ...interesting things.

I was a little surprised that the two weren't going to be released together, more than I was at the fact that the 3DS game would be finished before the Wii U version. But the "summer" window seemed like a nice surprise; I expected it to be later than that, if it were even going to release this year.

Online multiplayer! ...Eh. I guess I'm the minority in this aspect, but I haven't felt too keen about online battles in most games. Granted, I have enjoyed playing online occasionally in Kid Icarus Uprising, so it could potentially provide some good times, but I suppose the Brawl experience kinda rubbed me the wrong way enough to feel unfazed at any real improvement.

You get a Final Destination! And you get a Final Destination! Everyone gets a Final Destination! For that "For Glory" online mode I would've figured every character had a version of Fox too. I almost imagine someone in the development team looking at fan response about how they play the game and saying to themselves, "Wow, these people really like stages that are plain as weeds." Granted, I'm all for non-obstructive places to fight, but sometimes the more random or unusual experiences can be enjoyable too. Maybe I'm just not competitive enough, I dunno.

I was surprised that they made the choice to fully separate characters' original transformations. I did usually prefer to play as Zero Suit Samus over the regular Samus if given the choice, but to think that they're different entities now... It's even more surprising regarding Zelda and Sheik to me.

I would say I was surprised at no word of Captain Falcon, Ness, Mewtwo, Jigglypuff, etc., but I'm going to stay patient. Barring any third-party characters, we didn't really get official announcements of certain characters until the game came out. Usually they were the hidden fighters, and in terms of the Smash Dojo (Melee and Brawl, at least) they weren't mentioned until a while after the game's release. Of course, we're all spoiled by the rambunctious and inconsiderate internet. I'd probably be more upset about the decision to remove a story mode if I weren't so indifferent about that experience, though...

On that note, for the 3DS we get City Trial. Or, Smash Run. The moment I watched the opening footage of the mode's gameplay I thought, "Those icons kinda remind me of City Trial." Then they explained the rules of the mode, and I thought, "Dear God, it is just like City Trial!" And then he showed footage of City Trial. For the record, City Trial in Kirby Air Ride is glorious. I was a little undecided about the 3DS experience before they showed this mode. Also, very happy that they're incorporating enemies from other games besides Mario in this mode. I laughed at the Mimicuties.

And aside from Sheik and Zero Suit Samus, we were introduced to three other fighters. Unsurprised that Yoshi is returning. A little surprised that Charizard is returning, and thankfully without a Pokemon Trainer tethered to it. But very surprised at Greninja; I was initially fooled into thinking that it was Mewtwo until I could clearly see it. Honestly though, even though I'm not too crazy about most of the Gen VI (or just frogs, really), watching Greninja in action was convincing enough for me. I'm okay with it.

From the things I've seen so far, odds are I'd be spending a lot of time with Little Mac (I can't play that air game), but I'd still be curious about the modified Pit and Zero Suit Samus. And maybe Charizard...I'd have to see how well he works this time on his own; I don't think he was at his best before.

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JosephCollins 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I learned something today...
Did you know?: "Utopia" is not a place, but a state of mind.  It's apparently "a belief that if we are able to practice meditation without continuous stream of thoughts, we are able to reach enlightenment."

So... that's something!
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JosephCollins Mar 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hoo boy, I have some catching-up to do here...  Pardon the Favorites spam, dawg.  <:
Razyeon Jan 27, 2014  Hobbyist
Holy WOW, your artstyle is so good, it's intimidating! =D ^^;
MalamiteLtd Jan 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't know if it makes THAT much of an impact, but I appreciate the compliment!
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